Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome the Sumatra Gayo

We are pleased to bring in a new coffee from our Sumatra source for Kopi Luwak and the excellent Lintong. The new Gayo is from the Aceh region, and is a mix of Tim-tim/Djember/Ateng varietals. It is processed by what they call the "wet hull" method, which yields a deeply complex and earthy profile.

We took the Gayo on because it has a sharp initial "attack" on the senses combined with the back-palate richness familiar to Sumatran coffees. It has no muddiness in its taste profile, due to exceptional care to the bean moisture content and processing.

As a single-source coffee, it is a departure from our usual flavor profiles, being nothing like most Vietnamese coffees. While most of our customers look to us for low-acid, smooth yet rich coffees, sometimes people ask for something bolder and stronger, and want a little more acidity or bite. Single-source Gayo provides that. It can be brewed extra-strength or as an espresso that is bold and a little pleasantly bitter.

In the Gayo Blend, we have balanced it with Philippine Organic Robusta and Vietnamese Excelsa to create a full-palate SE Asian "fusion" experience that every coffee lover seems to enjoy. We are putting the single-source and blend up on the web this week, and we will make samples available on our free samples page as soon as we can gear up to do so.

Click here to see the Gayo listing.