Friday, May 31, 2013

New roast levels coming

Our line of Heirloom fresh-roast coffees has expanded over the last year, but we only offer one roast level for each coffee. Basically, we run tests and find what we consider the optimal profile, and stay with that.

To explore the possibilities of other roast points for these coffees, we recently picked up a sample-quantity-size roaster and have been populating a spreadsheet table with trial roast levels and results. We are excited to find some good options to bring more than one roast to many of our coffees.

So far it's proving to be a lot of fun and we hope to institute a few new options on the website within a couple of weeks.

We are also looking forward to getting in our large shipment of Costa Rica Tarrazu in the next two weeks. This is a coffee with a powerful brown sugar note in City/Medium roast levels. We are also going to try it at Full City + and see how that works as espresso and in blends. Stay tuned!