Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Season

We have been working to come up with some incredible Black Friday specials. If you want to see our best deals, be sure to be on our email newsletter, which mails only once a month. We respect your email and never share the info with anybody else, nor do we mail you more than once a month, with our special savings that are not viewable by the general public.

Just a preview:

We are launching the Kopi Luwak Stocking Stuffer, a 2-ounce package of Bantai Civet Coffee in an organza bag package that is great as an economical way to send somebody a few servings of the world's best and rarest coffee.

We have sourced some mini-milks, the La Lecherita sweetened condensed milk in the 3.5 ounce can, making it possible to bring back a perennial favorite gift: The Vietnamese Coffee Mini-Kit!

We just got in the new harvest shipment of Philippine Liberica. This was a good season and this endangered coffee is in good supply. We will be running some nice specials on Liberica shortly.

We have been testing an heirloom coffee from Costa Rica. It's a little outside the usual for us, since it is not a Southeast Asian coffee, but it has an impressive history and meticulous cultivation, plus the owner/grower/producer of this small farm uses his business to provide charitable funds for a number of causes. One item we snapped up: Chocolate-covered coffee beans! We couldn't resist these beans, made from peaberry Arabica Catuai instead of the usual espresso. We expect these in around Thanksgiving.

We are also initiating a "Stocking Stuffer" page. Yes, it's politically incorrect, so just call this the "cute products page". We will have a number of items selected for unique and fun appeal and all priced at or under $3.00 (except for Bantai Civet Coffee!).